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What Does it Mean to be Human?

We are more than what we do, or what we’ve done, or who we associate with, or disassociate with. Humans are complex beings, with the power to perceive, understand, unite and act. Let’s do that responsibly, please.

I came up with the name LivingMartyrs more than 20yrs ago now, as I was mulling over names for a business project. This name wasn’t suitable for that, but it is a great name for a personal blog. The name expresses this personal conviction:

Giving your life away — dying to self — is the only real way to be alive.

There are many ways to do that, and they all hinge on generosity. Generosity is what makes the world go ’round.

Generosity feeds and is fed by relationship and community. Communication is my chosen lens for that. Generosity in communication is always being concerned about our receivers’ perceptions over our own motives, talents and abilities. That forms the foundation of the writing and the thinking that I do here.

Please check it out!

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