Assaulted by tiny little stabs of meaning.

Have you noticed that? You're constantly being assailed by messages and meanings. Advertising, logos, news, social media. It's like our culture suddenly had the same epiphany that stories connect.

There is no context.

There is no through-line.

Suddenly, everyone is trying to outdo everyone else, and tell a more compelling narrative.

We're living in an attention economy, and everyone wants a piece of yours. They're all jostling with each other, competing for a spot in the forefront of your brain.

You get to choose what to tune into. But it's more than that. I believe that you have to, in order to make any sense of the world.


About Me

My name is Brad, and I am a shameless communications geek. Because the field is so rich and ever-changing, I'm also a life-long learner.

I'm a dreamer, a planner and a practitioner.

Communication is a complex, mysterious and mystical phenomenon.

Communication embodies a diversity of disciplines. It works best within a team of collaborators to strengthen perspective and harmonise taste.

Ideas are never simply transferred -- that would be too easy. Rather, they are created afresh in other people's minds.

You are your own editor. I want to help you with that.

Every single initiative -- and many of them are amazing and life-changing -- is vying for your attention.

Like many of life's most critical decisions, it's better to have made some in advance. Trusting yourself in the moment, when the noise and confusion are greatest, is not the best way to set yourself up for success.

Communication is all-encompassing. Even art that prides itself on not imparting a simple, didactic message is a form of communication.

Communication is the basis of human connection and relationships. On its own, it cannot solve conflict. But it gives us the vehicle to understand it, and to continue to strive to explore ways that harmony can be achieved.

I love communication. I love the tools, the ideas and yes, even the frustration. It's the frustration of effort put into something meaningful and important.

You've likely heard this truism: you cannot not communicate. That means everything carries communication potential.

Communication is an interplay of science and art; it affirms and undermines both.