About Me

You Are Constantly Being Assaulted by Tiny Stabs of Meaning.

Have you noticed that? Advertising, logos, news, social media. It’s like our culture suddenly had the same epiphany that stories connect.

But there is no context.

There is no through-line.

Suddenly, everyone is trying to outdo everyone else, and tell a more splashy, compelling and disruptive narrative.

Everything has communication potential.

We’re living in an attention economy, and everyone wants a piece of yours. They’re all jostling with each other, competing for a spot in the forefront of your brain.

You get to choose what to tune into. But it’s more than that. I believe that you have to, in order to make any sense of the world.

You are your own meaning curator.

Communication embodies a diversity of disciplines. It works best within a team of collaborators to strengthen perspective and harmonise taste.

This is the kind of stuff I love to talk about, and bring clarity to. If you want to engage me in this, the best place is on Twitter.

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