What Should We Be Doing?

Within the intentional community I’m developing with some friends, a colleague introduced me to this thought exercise: Just take a moment and do that — the rest of what I’ve written can wait. Hey, it’s easy to point fingers at (all?) the things that are wrong with the world. But we know that pointing out […]

That Time I Got Labelled

I was in a pretty heated conversation online. Stirred up emotions on the internet — who’d have guessed, right?! This time, it was about an aspect of what my opposing debaters viewed as a core element of their doctrine (I won’t name it because that’s a distraction to my point). When you’re in a conversation […]

Necessary Desecration

Breathe the hallowed fumes of melting metal turned into amateurish shapes for craft and future are here, hidden in the sloppy globs and burn-throughs and the prankster’s laughter of a machine tampered with to give disastrous results; real learning is in the fixing the future is too precious to not be laughed at a little

Knocking on the Knocks on Individualism

The collective Christian psyche is conflicted on the topic of individualism. It’s often tied to words which carry equal baggage: consumerism and materialism. There is a regular, nearly constant, declaration regarding individualism, that people just want what they want (e.g. ease, comfort and novelty), and nothing seems to be good enough for them. First, it […]

Good, Goods and the Good

There is something essential about consuming. In consumption, as in all aspects of life, there are ditches we can veer towards: too much something, and too little something else. It’s important to pay attention to the too muches and too littles. But what happens to the tone of this discussion when we start to think […]

Why Conversations About Privilege are Clumsy

In short, most conversations about privilege boil down to trying to ‘school’ other people with one’s own perspective. Attempting to impose one’s understanding and will on others like this is itself most often clumsy, and we’re only getting started! In this topsy-turvy era, an accusation of privilege can be a way to subvert it, and […]

Can Rescuing a Word Reclaim Hope?

Everything I’ve ever done Everything I ever do Every place I’ve ever been Everywhere I’m going to It’s a sin — Pet Shop Boys “Mentally ill” is used so often for people who do bad things because we’ve lost access to the real word: Evil.   There is a reason for this. Evil has become […]

The Brave, Perilous Act of Communicating

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. — Oscar Wilde When we think about communicating, we often think in terms of transferring ideas. But in real human communication, there is no transfusion, or transplant or hard-wired data link. Using the word ‘transfer’ conjures an inaccurate and indeed deceptive […]

The Unexamined Want

It’s glib. But it happens. A lot! Conversations deteriorate quickly based on this simple assumption: “You just believe that because you want to.” This is cut from the same cloth as the Courage Fallacy.  It opines that others’ beliefs are easy, perhaps systematic but above all convenient. The truth is that we humans believe a bunch of […]

The Continua We Join

Congratulations! A catch-all word to cover over our messiest reality You’ve arrived, you’ve made it. It feels… Nice, briefly. Too briefly. Like the mid-air stop between the up and down flight of a tennis ball Arrival lasts for such a tiny instant It doesn’t really exist at all. Journey is our destination. All we will ever really […]