Welcome to LivingMartyrs!

Hi! I’m Brad, and I am a:

  • Communicator
  • Photographer
  • Poet
  • Dreamer
  • Community-Builder

I came up with the name LivingMartyrs more than 20yrs ago now, as I was mulling over names for a business project. This name wasn’t suitable for that, but it is a great name for a personal blog.

Giving your life away — dying to self — is the only real way to be alive.

There are many ways to do that, and they all hinge on generosity. Generosity is what makes the world go ’round.

Generosity requires relationship and community. Communication is my chosen medium for that. Generosity in communication is always being concerned about receivers’ perceptions over one’s own motives, talents and abilities. That forms the foundation of the writing and the thinking that I do here.

Please check it out!

Blog Content:

What Should We Be Doing?

Within the intentional community I’m developing with some friends, a colleague introduced me to this thought exercise: Imagine a perfect world. Just take a moment and do that — the rest of what I’ve written can wait. Hey, it’s easy to point fingers at (all?) the things that are wrong with the world. But we…

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That Time I Got Labelled

I was in a pretty heated conversation online. Stirred up emotions on the internet — who’d have guessed, right?! This time, it was about an aspect of what my opposing debaters viewed as a core element of their doctrine (I won’t name it because that’s a distraction to my point). When you’re in a conversation…

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Necessary Desecration

Breathe the hallowed fumes of melting metal turned into amateurish shapes for craft and future are here, hidden in the sloppy globs and burn-throughs and the prankster’s laughter of a machine tampered with to give disastrous results; real learning is in the fixing the future is too precious to not be laughed at a little

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